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The Shadow Children Series has 7 books in it. Written by Margaret Peterson Haddix and I am reading all of them but will review 2 books at a time.

Like her other books, this series has twists, turns, and even a few surprises for the author herself. All is unlocked in the Shadow Children Series!!!  You can find more information on these great books at 

 Book 1: Among the Hidden









Terrified, lost in his thoughts….. The crackling of thunder above the barn. The lighting booming in the night sky. A baby was born, but he was a third child, where an environment only allowed two children per family. Luke Garner was no ordinary 12 year old boy. Nothing was wrong with him, the only thing that prevented him from being “ordinary” was that he was a third child where two boys already lived. Luke hid in his room up in the attic while his two brothers went to school like “normal” kids did. That is until one day while looking out the vent, he saw a face in the house beside him…. A house where two boys already lived. Find out what happens in Among the Hidden.

 FOUR FOOTBALLS for this book

Book 2: Among the Imposters







Luke Garner was terrified, no make that scared down to the bone. He was not in his safe attic room, he was not with his family, no, he was using a fake name at a school for boys, across the state he used to live in. Luke  grieves for Weeks and weeks about the note Mr., Talbot had given him(you will find him more when you read among the hidden)

No windows, no doors, no freedom, he knew life as Lee Grant would be tough. Lee Grant had died of a skiing incident. Will anyone notice? Will Luke be found? Will he be killed? Find out more in Among the Imposters.


Stay tuned for more reviews on this great series.  Thx Tyler


Review #2 Getting Into The Zone

         Getting into the Zone book  

ISBN: 9781463586249     90 Pages

Available at


Or The Web Site:

Author(s): Elliot Hagburg and Kathy Hagburg!

Getting Into the Zone is a very good way to gain your full potential. If u think u need help focusing on things outside what u need to think… then this book is a very good choice. Not only does it have places where u can take notes on, but it also has something that in my 10 years of reading I have never seen, a guide to success in not just ur life, but also helps you improve the environment with the people u love most.

Need a guide? Need help? Then read Getting Into The Zone.

I give it a rating of 4 footballs.

Special thanks to Mr. Elliot, and Ms.Kathy pls keep writing!!!!!

Tyler’s First Review

Peter’s Note:  I did not edit the body of this review, but I did add the legal stuff at the front such as book ID number etc. 


Author: Sharon M. Draper

ISBN: 978-1-4163-7171

This book is about a girl that has a lot of thought. But there is only 1 little problem, she cant tell the people around her anything. Melody is an 11 year old girl that cant express her true self. People think that’s she dumb or in this case stupid. Girls pic on her, but she wants to prove that she has the same mind as the “normal kids.”  The book takes you through her struggles to communicate.  At first the book made me sad, but as I read more I understood Melody and really like her.

 Will Melody ever get to express her true self, or will words swallow her into her own lil world? Find out in Out of My Mind!!!

 Thank you all out there and I hope u like this book as much as I do!!  I give this books four and a half footballs!


Just wanted to thank everyone that has been so supportive of Tyler and his embarking on book reviewing.  He asked if he could have his own blog but I said no, something about parental control I think is what I said.  In reality I just didn’t want him having a more successful blog than his father LOL.  Anyway, he is excited, one of you great tweeters/writers has already said they would send a book and he is chomping at the bit to get started.  Once again thanks for supporting him, he is psyched up.

Bad Influence

Well, they say that you should do things as a family, right?  My son was looking over my shoulder the other night and said “I could do that” so being the adult, I challenged him :).  Now he wants to try his hand at book reviews, he figures if his old man can do it, then heck it should be easy.  He is 12 and loves to read, I know an odd child, and I want to encourage this odd behavior in a 12 year old as long as it will last.  So he has read a lot of books, he has a book case in his room, I know odd child, but what I would really like is some of your books for him to review.  He is very old for his age and likes teen stuff and would probably look at something a little preteen too.  So if you are working on some killer kids stuff out there and want the opinion of a 12 year old, then feel free to send him something care of my email.  He will have his own page somewhere in here, shouldn’t be too hard to find, and I will let him post in his own words, except I will take all the hurtfull words out :).