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The Quiet Road


The Quiet Road

The Quiet Road

Annie Frame

 Vanguard Press

ISBN 978 184386 567 4

I absolutely loved this book, a fascinating story.

For the first few chapters, The Quiet Road appears to be a run of the mill Detective story as you learn the history of  the starched Chief Superintendent of Police Frankford Lucas and his faithful cat Old Whiskey.  A seemingly normal life of a single man, his path to high position was strangely easy.  He was destined for success in his field while applying little effort to be that way, but the dreams are getting stronger and stronger.

Soon it becomes clear to the reader and to Chief Lucas why this has happened and the story turns far from ordinary.  He narrates his own story as he takes you down The Quiet Road and enlightens all of us on the realities of good versus evil.  With the help of others both sane and not quite so, Detective Lucas follows a road of broken bodies and souls with dreams and desires shattered and seduced by a mysterious and ancient force. From earth to hell, points in between and beyond, Chief Lucas searches desperately for the answers, for his salvation and for the salvation of mankind.

From the Author of Imprint, Annie Frame has once again painstakingly laid out the delicious details in a tale that should become one of the classic writings of our time.  She provides a path for everyone to venture down, however, be forewarned, that The Quiet Road has many detours and pitfalls, and only the purest among us will find the end.



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John Darling was kind enough to send me his ebook version of “The Detective Anderson Mysteries, Into the Dark Desolate Night”.  I am already through the first Mystery and I am finding this to be a very interesting read.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

First Mystery – Tats.  I tried to guess the plot and was way off, a great job of presenting the story with a unique style.

Second Mystery – Welcome To Jupiter.  Further adventures of our hero, this time he is more a bystander, but the plot is well-developed.

Third Mystery – Images.  The good Detective goes legit, his old friend Coombs joins him as they sort out what mess Barbara Carter has gotten herself into.  I liked the references in the time period, very good way of putting the story in perspective.

Fourth Mystery – Eye of the Storm.  Anderson can’t even have a vacation without trouble finding him.  A simple visit to a bar and he is on the trail of a murderous gang.  Interesting plot and supporting cast of characters, I am beginning to like the good Detective.

Fifth Mystery – Into The Dark Desolate Night.  A short story where Anderson gets a rest.  His Lead Investigator Kubrick helps out in keeping several people alive, even though he never wants to do it.  Very good character development in this chapter, giving the supporting cast of Detective Anderson some history.

Sixth Mystery – Sucker Punch.  Poor Superintendent Grace Adams met an untimely demise and Anderson and Coombs are recruited by the Miami PD to help them out.  What a sweet tale of murder and mayhem.

Seventh Mystery – Death and the Deep Blue Sea.  Detective Anderson and his right hand man Coombs decide to take a day off and go fishing.  Of course murder follows them and a series of clues lead them to the murderer.

Eighth Mystery – A Notary Public is Missing.  Beth Landers seeks the help of Detective Anderson to find her missing husband.  A series of clues and help from his office staff guides Anderson to discover the fate of Mr. Landers, but that is not all that Anderson discovers.  Very nice twist on this tale, and we are starting to see inside Detective Anderson just a little.

Ninth Mystery – Phantom. This episode sees the return of a villan from previous chapters.  It is here we learn of the true devotion that Detective Anderson has in his heart not only for his Detectives but his love interest too.  Very good suspense leading up to the reveal.

Tenth Myster – On Borrow Time.  This is a short story to wrap up the series, and I think it gives us a glimpse into how Detective Anderson’s life would have gone if not for Beth.

REVIEW:  I liked this book, it has been a while since I have read something like this and it took me back to my early reading days.  I have given you the mysteries above and a little insight into my thoughts on each.  This is a very interesting work written in the vein of a 1950’s 10cent crime novel.  The action is violent yet brief and the characters are very well defined and complete.  I think this would be an excellent read for someone looking for something to just take them away for a while as each of the ten mysteries (stories) are stand alone although they carry the same characters with increasing insight into each.  You could read one, two or all of them in a single read.  The format is very easy to read in the version I was supplied and is available from several sources as an ebook or in paperback.


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Imprint – Annie Frame


Author:  Annie Frame

Vanguard Press     ISBN 978 184386 4189

Imprint is available at Amazon/Pegasus and most book stores world wide


My anxiously awaited copy of Imprint arrived finally the other day.  Wanting to make sure I could give the book a good read I waited until late one evening.  Sitting on my sofa I started, thinking I would read a bit then finish it the next day.  I read it through in one sitting, unable to put the book down, following Hercular Rose from one riveting chapter to the next.

Imprint is, for me at least, a totally different and refreshing look at the after life.  I had the usual thoughts and ideas but none come close to what this book will take you through.  From the opening Chapter I was spellbound.  The descriptive writing style, combined with the ability of the Author to express her thoughts had me turning page after page until I was finished.

The journey from one character to another was seamless, understandable and well thought out.  The final chapter was a twist that I had not expected but upon reflection it makes perfect sense to me.

I highly recommend Imprint to anyone interested in the hereafter, or in just reading a very, very good book.