Having taken seven months off from the world of writing, blogging, and posting, I am hopefully back again.  I know I will have to re-establish myself in the Blogosphere, but its a challenge I am willing to take on.  I will be visiting all my old friends and hopefully rekindling our friendships. 

I NEED INDIE AUTHORS TO INTERVIEW.  If you want a bit of exposure for your work, be it published, about to be published, eventually to be published or not even written yet, I would love to have you on my Blog as an Interview.  Make sure you read over my past interviews so you get a feel for the type of grilling you might take and remember its about having fun and getting a bit of exposure.

Just a reminder, and as you can tell by my blogs, Im an expat Canuck living in Dixie.  I am a self proclaimed Author (first writings on amazon already) with several books in the works.  I am a grateful husband and proud father, engineering professional by day and all around lay about by night.  Hopefully you will find something entertaining at my blog, and I am always open for suggestions and books to review.

Here is the link to my first book, which was never supposed to be published and was for the family only, but they insisted.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005G8B8F2