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I cannot believe I have managed to corner this prolific author.  She is super well known in the Twitterverse and the author of many many titles dealing in paranormal, romance, and is more than prone to spicing things up a bit along the way.  I have been an avid follower of Charity Parkerson since I started on Twitter a few years ago.  Please take a few minutes to learn a bit more about this amazing award winning author.

Welcome Charity and thanks for being on my blog, I have done a little research into you and can’t help but notice you are a very, very busy person, 13 Amazon bestsellers is an impressive count.  Can you tell us where we can find you on the internet and give us a brief rundown of how to find your published works?

I’m everywhere. The easiest place to find me is on Twitter @CharityParkerso.  All of my books can be found online where most books are sold, but there is a full list of my work on my website

How many books are you working on at any one time?

I have five in the works right now, and that’s about the norm for me. When my list of WIPs gets low, I sometimes worry that I’ll run out of ideas but before I know it I have five new documents minimized.

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff going on, so how does your typical week pan out, how much time writing, blogging, tweeting and when do you have time for relaxing?

I’m guilty of paying for a tweet service to keep my feed busy, I suck at blogging and only have maybe one a week. My family comes first, of course, but writing is a clear second. I have set writing hours. I still write when the bug hits, but this is my full-time job so I have to treat it as such. From 10-1:30 every day, I turn off my internet and write even if it’s crap.

Why did you decide on this genre of writing?

Write what you know 😀

I liked your blog post on the various advertising methods you have used, do you think it is an absolute necessity for indie authors to pay for advertising like that?

I think that if you’re serious about writing as a career then you need to treat it that way. Writing is a small business and just like with any business you need to spend money in order to make money.

Any honest, forthright advice for any of us that are contemplating publishing our work?

The best advice I can give is this: learn how to watch silently as the world judges you loudly.

I see you have a podcast series too, busy lady.  Can you tell us a bit about that endeavor?

Sure! I’m working with one of my best friends and fellow writer Melissa Craig on The Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson show.   We do author interviews and talk all things publishing. We both received recognition awards from International Women’s Day for our work with helping to promote artist. We use our free time to highlight
authors, musicians, and just about anyone who loves creativity.

Really interesting things you are doing Charity, and I encourage everyone to check out your books, website and of course the podcast.  Now its time to sit back, sip on a coffee and answer some more personal questions.

Name one person that you feel supported you outside of family members.

Can I name two? Lynn Hallbrooks reached out to me back when authors were still allowed on the Amazon forums and her friendship has meant a great deal to me. The Mistress of the Darkpath uses her popular blog to help support authors and I credit her with inspiring me to write when I felt as if I had nothing left to work with.

Big question for me, are you a middle child, only child, one of a huge brood?

I’m the baby. I have an older sister. She is amazing.

Where do you want to retire? and of course why?

I’d like to travel all over the world. I’d start with Australia as that is where quite a few of my friends live.

Your favorite room in the house and why?

I’m partial to the living room. I do all my writing in my ratty recliner. I dread the day it’s on its last leg.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you change about your life, if anything?

I’d tell my husband to quit. He’s a hard worker.

Who was the most important person in your life? Can you tell me about him or her?

I’m afraid I’ll insult someone if I try to pick only one.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?

This may seem like a strange answer, but grace. It’s something that is truly underrated but when I see people lash out at reviewers or just be plain ugly online, I’m thankful that my mother taught me that you catch more flies with honey.

If you could change one event in history, what would it be?

That’s something I’m doomed to screw up. I’ll leave that someone else.

How would you like to be remembered?

As the only female author to ever surpass J.K. Rowling in popularity, lol

If you were an animal, what would you be? (This question is for Tammy Maas)

A cougar 😉

What were your high school years like?

Pretty normal, seriously, it was an average life.

How would your classmates remember you?

Everyone that I talk to now from high school says, “I’m not surprised you became a writer. You always did like to read.”

Are you still friends with anyone from that time in your life?

Not many people but that’s not surprising. I’m a bit of a recluse.

Have you ever been to a school or college reunion?


If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?


Now some one or two word answers please:

Favorite color? Pink

Lucky Number 23

Most Money you have spent on a single Book? $30

What color are the sheets on your bed today? White

Short/Tall? short

Best book you ever read? The Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite Music/Artist? Hip Hop/too many to name

Movie that you watch every year or more often? Harry Potter

Favorite Season? Summer

Regular or Decaf? Regular

City Girl or Country Girl? A little of both

4 door sedan or sports car? Sports car

Take out or cook at home? Take out

How many books a year do you read? In the hundreds

Favorite Movie? Big Trouble in Little China

Skirts or jeans? jeans

Favorite Day of the Week? Friday

How many hats do you own? None

Not that I have visited a Therapist lately but let’s do some word association.  Give me the first word that comes to mind when I say:

Sex – Write

Coffee – Please?

Book- Release

Best Friend- Amazing

Vacation- Disney

Summer- Break

Convertible- Car

Loud- Talking

Vinyl- Record

Bird- Singing

Tree- Maple

Infant- New

Thank you Charity, I don’t know where you even found the time to answer all these questions.  I was happy to read that you are graceful, that is definitely a waning trait in our society nowadays.  Now as a way of “giving back” this is where I encourage my guests to name a favorite charity so that we can all get on board and make a difference.  Charity, your favorite one is?

I know that it is a bit early for it, but I love to do Holiday Mail for Heroes each year. I love sending Christmas cards to the troops.


Conversation Starters

I am old, and I am old fashioned, I have accepted that and come to terms with it.  Perhaps that is why I am so amazed at what happened just the other day.  My wife and son were grocery shopping and the boy picked up what he thought was a deck of playing cards.  He knows we play cards a lot at our house and the deck was very inexpensive.  When he got them home he looked them over and said to me “Dad, look at these cards” taking the deck from him I started turning the cards over, they were Conversation Starter Cards for Mealtime with the family.  I kid you not and here are some of the conversation starters, randomly picked by yours truly.

“If you could make a reality TV show what would it be about?  Whom would you have your cameras follow?”

“Would you rather be able to live without sleep or live without food? Why?”

“What kind of animal are you most like? Why?”

I could not believe first of all that somebody would actually make and sell these, but that someone would actually buy them and use them.  Are we that out of touch with our families nowadays that we need “cue cards” to have a conversation.  What the heck has happened to our society.  As I said I am old fashioned and as part of that old fart mentality my family eats dinner together, at the dinner table, not in front of a TV and nobody is excused from attending.  Here are some conversation starters I have for my family, and I didn’t get them from a card purchased at a grocery store.

“Son, how was school today?  How was that Language Arts Test? How are the teachers doing?”

“Sweetie, this is delicious, how was your day today? (this was when I used to be at work all day)

“Son, I read an article the other day on bullying at school.  Are you having trouble with any kids in your school, on your bus?  Are you bullying any other kids? (this one leads to a whole new area of conversation starters if answered in the affirmative).

“Guys, where do we want to go on vacation this year?”

“Son, I heard that 3 kids in your school got in trouble for having drugs with them, lets talk about that a little”

I know, I am a throwback to another era, when families all spent time together, when it was not “uncool” to have your parents interested in what you were doing, who your friends are, how you are doing at school.  I want my wife and son to know that I care about them and I am interested in their lives.  I want to make sure my son is doing ok in school, I don’t expect all A’s just effort and good behavior.  I want to make sure that he is ok on the bus and that he is not being hassled by some of the out of control kids that run loose nowadays.  I want to also make sure that he is behaving himself and not doing anything to upset other kids or teachers either.  Have we really sunk that low that we need a deck of 99 cent playing cards to give us reason to talk to each other?  We are not three people who have just met at a restaurant, we are a family and we better know more about each other than what kind of animal we each would like to be.

Please tell me I am not alone on this one.