As the mid 20th century philosopher Mick Jagger once said “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might get what you need”.  Pretty deep words when you think of it, and I like to think that it is exactly what has happened to me.  For years, actually for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to own a shiny Corvette.  Yes the All American dream car for any hot-blooded male.  A whole life time of events have conspired against my ownership of such a classic ride.  Marriage, divorce, childbirth, all of these things have allowed me to only dream of my fantasy purchase.

Flash forward, now a greying, thinning middle-aged man in my mid 50’s, still no corvette, and I even told my son that had he been born female he would have been called Yvette.  We decided to make a move, to a home easier for my wife to navigate and scoured the ads and dealt with the obligatory agents until we finally found our dream home.  It had an in ground pool, a big one, and to me that had to be pretty close to owning a Corvette, didn’t it?  They say that you should never moan about the upkeep costs on a corvette, as if you can afford the car surely you can afford the upkeep.  I think the same can be said for a swimming pool.  At first glance the huge bowl of sparkly water lures you in like a new paint job.  You feel the warmth and excitement of the water surrounding you, what it surely must feel like to sit in a corvette and be wrapped in all that brand new leather.  Yes, its exciting, its wonderful, you feel like you are living high on the hog.  You can’t wait to tell your friends you have a corvette…I mean a pool.  They all want a ride in it, you stand in the yard gloating inwardly about how you have the pool and they, mere normal people, do not have one.

Yes that pride in ownership, the gloating all the perks of having that brand new corvette, wait, pool, I keep interchanging those words, I’m sorry.  Regardless, it is wonderful and something you know will last forever and forever until….

Did I tell you the pool was a bit old, the pumps and filters were therefore a bit old, do you know that to replace a pump on a swimming pool (who knew they wore out after 20 years) is around $700.00.  Oh lets not forget the new electronics, it is 2013 after all not the 80’s, another $400.00.  Oh and the corvette mechanic, I mean pool maintenance guy, yeah, he loves to remind me that I need to clean all the gunk out of the pool before I can swim in it this spring, or he could do it for me for another $500.00.  Pumping the water out onto the street to the neighbors chagrin, firing up the pressure washer, days and days of scrubbing and cleaning, then refilling the pool, another $150.00 to the County Water Department.  Ok, its sparkly again, the pump purring softly in the background, the shiny new electronics almost smirking at me as they hang on the outside wall of the house.  Oh no, the water isn’t ready for swimming yet, it needs chemicals.  My pool maintenance expert, who should really wear a robbers mask, is on the scene again, for a mere $70.00 every other week he will stop by for a few minutes and put in some chemicals.  Years past I have tried to save $70.00 every other week and spent about $100.00 a week instead on chemicals with no luck.

Mick Jagger was right, sometimes you get what you need, and sometimes you get what you think you need but really don’t.  Oh we enjoy the pool, it’s not like we can afford to go on vactation anyway.  I was talking to the pool guy when he was changing the pump, he was bemoaning the fact he had to sell his old car to buy a new service van for his business.  Yes, a corvette, enough said.