A long time ago I put up a list of three things I would do if I were the King of the World.  Well I’m still waiting for that election or appointment (who would appoint the King of the World) so in the meantime I have been refining my decrees.  In no particular order I have listed some additional Laws that I would put in place after I am King.

  1. You will never have to work for a boss/owner/supervisor who is not as smart as you are.  The origins of this Law are pretty self-explanatory but if you want more information contact me, but not at my work email, just in case you know.
  2. The five, six or seven-day work week is hereby abolished.  As King I won’t have to work but I still think my faithful followers should get some relief.  So in the spirit of big government I hereby decree that the work week is herby reduced to two days, each day not to exceed eight hours.  This one is a no brainer but I think it will help me win the election.
  3. Red traffic lights are hereby abolished, and its now proceed with caution but don’t slow down too much kinda thing on the highways.  I have spent way too many minutes waiting for traffic lights on my way to work at 5am when there is absolutely no normal people on the road and therefore no traffic of any consequence.  This Law will save a lot of commute time and fuel, hopefully enough to outweight the human carnage that may ensue.

So there, three new Laws from your King in waiting.  Hopefully I will have the title soon so I don’t have time to think of many new Laws, I really just want to enact a few then go on a life time vacation, fitting of a King.