Well it was inevitable I suppose, I got a Smart Phone.  Now before I go on about this I want to let you know that if it were not for work, I would not own a cell phone.  Sure my wife has a cell phone as does my 13-year-old boy, but me, nope, I would be happy as a pig in excrement without one.

Work decided that since I had finally come to grips with using a Blackberry after 4  years, now was time to really tick me off and get me a new phone.  What I didn’t have the heart to tell them was that my 13-year-old boy had set up my Blackberry when I first got it, yes at 9 years old.

Sitting at home, the smart phone charging as I looked through the 4,364 page manual I start to panic.  I mean it has 5 home screens, who needs 5 home screen?  Who needs 1 home screen?  Applications, what is that? I was in a cold sweat by time the boy came home from school.  He saw me thumbing through the manual and said “hey Dad, new phone?”.  I looked at him much like a dear in the headlights and nodded.

He picked it up, deftly moved it around and flicked it on (I hadn’t got to that part of the manual yet) and remarked “Wow, I like this one better than mine”.  Ok, maybe it was a testosterone thing but I puffed up a bit and said “yeah mine is better than yours”.

He set it back down and walked out of the kitchen…I started to panic again, hands trembling as I held the manual.  “Uhmm Son” I called with a bit of a pitch in my voice “could you come here”.  Strolling back in the kitchen, munching on a granola bar “yeah Dad, whats up?”  I picked up the phone and held it out to him, softly saying “Help me, please help me”. 

“Dad, you don’t know how to set this up” he was taunting me now, I know it, he gets that from his Mother’s side of the family.  “Don’t be silly son, of course I do but I know how much you like playing with these things so go ahead and give it a shot” smirking to myself.

A thumb and two fingers blazed across the flat glass screen, where the hell are the buttons.  It was only a minute, maybe two when he handed the phone back.  “there you go Dad, whats for dinner” as he wandered back out to watch TV.

I looked at my new home screen, it had icons for his cell, my wifes cell, my work number, it had my email, it had my gmail, it had my work email, it had my personal contacts it had an application icon.  It had the alarm set for the time I call him to wake him up on school days and he had a picture of himself as the wallpaper.

I really wonder what they are teaching these kids in school nowadays.  I really need to go talk to his teacher, maybe I should call her, wonder if there is an App for that.