My first 60 years, yes I am nearing a milestone in my life this month, I turn 60.  I sat mulling over the six decades I have been alive and I have discovered that a human being can do an awful lot in that amount of time.  I don’t mean as a society, but as individual people, women and men.  As a child I never understood the concept of individuality fully.  When I was young I was told that no two snow flakes are alike, how could that be, there a zillion of them falling all around me, surely two of them must be alike?  I think of that often and when I put it in the perspective of us mere mortals it is even more interesting.  On one hand it is nice to know we are all individuals, with our own little idosyncracies and faults, and our own talents too, but this means there will only be one Winston Churchill, or Abraham Lincoln, these men never again to be replicated.  Well you know where that line of thought led me, yes, what are my unique abilities and idiosyncracies?

My first 60 years,  I have lived in two countries, I have travelled both of them extensively.  I have been fortunate to make many, many wonderful friends both in the real world and here in the blogosphere and yes, I have had failures, many failures.

My first 60 years have resulted in two divorces, and thankfully a third marriage that has finally worked.  I have seen the death of my parents, I have seen the death of friends.  I have raised two children, and lost one of them.  I have worked, Lord how I have worked, as a youth from age 12 in the summers and as an adult (barely) from age 17 until today.  I have excelled in my field while failing in many personal areas.  I have disappointed many people in my life and many have disappointed me.  I have a failed relationship with my surviving siblings, to the point of finding out second-hand that one of them passed away.  I have done nothing important enough to leave a mark on this earth, I know my memory will live on in my children, for better or worse and I suppose that is all we can really wish for.

My first 60 years saw me go through the male mid-life crisis, I bought the sports car, I had the trophy wife, none of this really made me a better or happier person, I was just going through life.  I ruined a marriage by working, and working and working.  I didn’t realize then the constant maintenance required to keep marriage viable.

My first 60 years and my life finally became complete when I was 44, it was then I met my now wife.  From her I have learned everything I now know about being a husband and a partner.  She has shown me the frailty of life, how precious it is.  She alone has shown me that material things come and go, but true love is forever.  I learned from my wife that the human body can go through an incredible amount of pain and the inner person can still smile and say “its all going to be fine”.  My wife is my Rock, she never complains, her life has been so hard these past ten years, but she keeps slugging away, making a home for my son and I.   She is my biggest cheerleader, telling anyone who will listen how good a husband I am, how loving a father.  My wife is truly and angel and the most important single thing that has ever happened in my life.  Now, as her health diminishes, I only hope I can be as strong for her as she has been for me and that I can hold her hand and say “it’s all going to be fine”.

My first 60 years, where did the time go.