I had a moment of lucidity the other day, rare for me I know, but I had a conversation with myself about not being at my Blog post for the past 7 months or so.  I will have to paraphrase the conversation but it went something like this:

Lucid Self  “You know you haven’t checked your blog or email in over 7 months”

Self “Whats your point, we are surviving aren’t we”?

Lucid Self  “You might have missed a really important post on someones blog, you should check”

Self “But I am rusty….I don’t wanna” ~a little whine here~

Lucid Self  “Don’t be such a baby”

Self “They have all forgotten me by now”

Lucid Self “Probably, but you may be surprised”

So I thought about this for a while, yes I have just a tiny little spot here in the Blogosphere, I have only a handful of followers and probably a pretty low number of hits relative to other Blogs, but is any of this cause to come back to my Blog?

So I tentatively checked to see if I still had a Blog, after I fumbled around for UserNames and Passwords I managed to log on.  You know, I was pretty amazed that even after 7 months people were still stopping by my blog.  Maybe they were misdirected clicks of a mouse, or perhaps someone just surfing, but regadless there were clicks and that meant people still cared.  I was elated, fumbling around more trying to figure out how to post again.  I went to a few of my blogbuddies blogs (I will get to the rest of your blogs soon) and found that despite my absence for all these months people still remember me and care.

So what now? I went back and asked that smart alec Lucid Self and the answer seems apparent, I have to Blog, I need this outlet to vent, to shed my frustrations and disappointments I have had in my life, to lift that weight from my heart and put it on yours (nice of me huh?).  So what is life like without a blog, many of you probably don’t remember but here are some highlights

  • Supper is always warm
  • You can actually have a conversation with your spouse
  • Sunrises are beautiful and sunsets the same
  • Crossword puzzles and card games, aren’t that bad after all
  • There are plants amongst all those weeds in the garden
  • The real world can be painful, but it is beautiful to be alive

Im sure there are more but these are just the ones that come to my mind right now.  Yes, Blogs are fun, very emotionally and mentally satisfying, but please lets not forget our “real world” the one where we have responsiblities and expectations, where we are needed more than we probably know.  Don’t get so consumed in this that you don’t remember what the sunsets look like and your ability to converse with a live person is gone.