I could have titled this little post “My Summer of Discontent” but I think that one is already taken.  I hope that all my friends on here are doing fine, I hear that some of you have published your books and I hope you sell a zillion of them and hear also that others are working on the Great American Novel and preparing to publish.  I hope all of oyu enjoy the experience and hopefully the rewards of your labor, you are all extremely talented and I am still impressed by your work(s).

This on the other hand is the only thing I have written in over six months…a long spring and summer have come and now thankfully gone.  Life has not been kind but then again as they say “getting old aint for sissies” so we press on, and get older and hopefully wiser.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello and to thank all of you for continuing to stop by and see if Im around, I can see the “hits” and appreciate every one of you that takes a moment out of your busy day to stop by.  Bless you all.