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Hello all my loyal readers, I want you to know how much your reading and input has helped me with this blog over the past six months or so.  However, all good, and even not so good, things must end.

I am going to take a hiatus from the Blogosphere for a while, probably a long while and I wanted to let you know that personally.

Once again, thank you for all your support and insight, you are all truly wonderful people.






Best Laid Plans

We all have them don’t we, contingency plans for emergencies.  You know, if one is at work and there is an ice storm you have a place in mind to stay while the weather improves.  If the house catches fire (heaven forbid) you all know the escape routes, right?  Well you should.  So living here in the south my family has spent a great deal of time planning for the spring weather which always spawns tornadoes.  We even went so far as to buy a house with a basement (not so common in Georgia) so we would have a place to huddle in the event of one of the nasty things hitting us.

The basement is equipped with candles, chairs, battery operated radio and I even have a few bottles of water down there.  I am not a survivalist nut job, but just want to have a drink in case I am down there for a few hours.  We talk about the scenario at diner every once in a while so the three of us are fully aware of what to do.

The entire center section and the south-east were under storm alerts all day yesterday, and sadly several lives were lost in these ugly storms.  Georgia was relatively untouched until later in the evening.  We watched the weather channel and saw the storms passing mostly north of us and were quite confident we would be fine for the night.  Laying in bed, just dozing off last night the weather radio beeps a shrill warning that there is a tornado within a mile or so of our house.  Jumping up,  I quickly waken my wife and I fully expect the plan to swing into action, everyone in the basement FAST.

It started with the boy, seems he has developed that teenage ability to sleep like the dead. I tugged and tugged on his leg, called his name in a less than normal voice, finally managing to get him to awaken, well sort of.  I half guided him down the hallway to the basement stairs but where was my wife?  I called and called and she said she would be there in a second.  A second? we don’t have seconds when one of these storms is on top of you.  After what seemed an eternity she met us at the top of the stairs with one of our dogs in her arms, seems the little bastard, I mean sweet pet, wouldn’t come when she called it.  Muttering under my breath about “screw the dog” we all went to the basement, dogs and all.

I didn’t time this exercise as it was not a drill, but I imagine the tornado had already passed by our neighborhood by time we got to the basement.  Sitting down there for about half an hour, the boy nodding off, the dogs comfortably curled up on a bit of carpet I checked the radar with the lap top.  Fortunately it appeared the tornado either didn’t touch down or passed us by, but it was safe to return to the upper floor in no time.

I haven’t had a chance to discuss this with the family yet, they are still asleep, but I know I will be revising our emergency plan. 

Thoughts and prayers go out to all who have lost loved ones and property in these past few days of storms.  We were lucky, many were not.