I was having my morning caffeine fix before work today and was reading the headlines on Yahoo.  I usually just read the headlines but one story drew my attention and I had to comment on it here.  Norcross, Georgia (where I work) there were 5 people slain in a murder/suicide at a local beauty salon last night, 2/21/12.

Why is this story becoming the norm rather than those freak exceptions we used to have in years gone by?  Why do we just mutter under our breath about “bad part of town” and move on with our lives.  Have we totally lost all respect for the human life?  Have we put such a low price tag on ourselves that it is much easier to pull a trigger than to sit and deal with a situation, talk it out, therapy, whatever. 

Don’t take this as a gun control post, I have no problem at all with gun ownership, it is one of the reasons I left my homeland.  Taking the weapons away from the law-abiding won’t cure this problem, remember drugs are illegal.

So here I lament, just a single voice in the wilderness.  This post won’t do anything to solve the problem, however, if anyone reading this is reaching that point of instability, and you know when you are, PLEASE seek help, the answer is not like what happened last night.