A couple of months ago in the early evening we had a power outage.  Nothing serious, only lasted about 10 minutes, just enough time to light some candles and sit around in the front room, husband, wife and child and “gasp” talk.  My son, as some of you may know, is 12 years old.  Born last century (weren’t we all) in 1999.

Well, after about 2 minutes of sitting in utter silence, no TV, no computer, no music he seriously announced “this must have been what it was like in the 1980’s”.  Resisting the urge to give him a smack on the back of the head my wife and I both chuckled and said nothing more of it, soon enough the power came on and the normal household chaos resumed.  His comment has stuck with me though, and even though he may have said it a bit tongue in cheek, it made me think of things that us old folks have seen that he never will, unless they are in a history magazine or the like.

In 1999 the pager was already history (I hated those little things).  Disco was Dead (thank God) and miniskirts will never be as short or revealing as they were in the 1970’s.  Oh he has missed out on Black and White TV, getting up off his ass to change the channel and who can forget Commodore 64 or the Atari.  All of these things will just be a passage in a book to him.  The bag cell phone that weighed about 100 pounds and included a battery about the size of your car, or even the welded in your car cell phone with squiggly antenna on the back window.  Yes, he will be deprived of all this.  Oh, how about real muscle cars, nope, he aint getting one, they don’t make them anymore.

So as funny as his comment was, it held some merit.  Too bad he won’t get to experience those things but just think, he will be middle age in 2050, what wonders do you think mankind will have come up with by then?