Oh boy, further to my previous posts about pet peeves, I just found another one that rears its ugly head occasionally.  In my work I drive around the city of Atlanta quit a bit, so I am on the road at odd hours during the day including when the Schools are let out.  Here they stagger the release time (I like that term when you talk about kids) for the 3 groups, elementary, middle and high schools.

So there are always a lot of buses flitting about.  I know it must be boring to drive one of those big yellow taxi’s around but why take it out on us poor unassuming motorists.  The latest game I have found the drivers playing is waiting until you get right near them, you can almost see the whites of the drivers eyes and WHAMMO on come the flashing red lights.  I have gripped the steering wheel tight on more than one occasion when the driver does this.

I imagine they have some kind of an office pool back at the bus drivers hang out, wherever that is.  “How many did you get today Bob”? “4 Joe, how about you”? 

There, I feel better now, carry on with your blog travels and thanks for hearing me out.