After years and years of living the good life, not worrying about what I eat, or what I drink I finally realized that it is time to “get in shape”.  What a great term, getting in shape, I already have a shape, but it is not the one I suppose I should have.

So, how am I going to achieve this dynamic change in my “shape”.  I started walking with my two dogs (see previous posts) and this winter I decided to put some exercise equipment in my basement.  I found a treadmill on Craigslist (the incline doesn’t work but bricks do) for $25, I was given a Gazelle, glider thingamagigi and then I splurged and bought a recumbent exercise bike.

So, now I have the set up, the location, the non conforming shape, I am all set to do damage.  I was losing weight walking the dogs, and I was doing great until November of last year, when the holidays reared their ugly fat filled heads and I fell backwards a bit.  Then a brief vacation in January and here I sit at the beginning of February and I feel I haven’t accomplished anything.

I am blatantly soliciting advice from all my fit, or not so fit, readers on what works for them given the equipment listed above.  What routines, what system, etc. have you found works great.  Oh I know I have to cut back on the calories and I have that pretty much under control, I just need the work out suggestions, and I will entertain the “sell it all and drink beer” suggestion if it gets enough votes.