As I get older (much older according to my bride) I find that my vices have either entirely disappeared or softened considerably.  I quit smoking many years ago for all the right reasons, but I do miss that euphoric feeling.  I pretty much gave up drinking, at least to the extent I used to consume.  Oh I still have a drink now and then, I just don’t drink to get completely wasted like my early years.  I sold my sports car a long time ago, so now I don’t have the vice of driving fast and carefree (children help to calm that one too) and I now drive a ~gasp~ Suburban SUV.

So what is left for the old guy you say?  Oh don’t worry about me, I still have a vice, GAMBLING.  No, I don’t play the lottery every day and I don’t participate in sport pools of any sort.  Heck I don’t even make friendly wagers on anything anymore.  My vice is confined to the Casinos.

I love those places, the glitter, the noise, the smell, sitting at a poker table with a stack of chips and playing cards in front of me gives me the same euphoric feeling that the nicotine and alcohol used to, without the nasty side effects.  I am not a good gambler, I rarely leave a casino with more in my pocket than when I entered, but it doesn’t matter, it is the high I get from it that drives me to these places.

Oh I know there is Gamblers Anonymous, but I have found an even better way to control the habit, I live in Georgia, USA.  This state won’t allow anything like a casino, horse racing, dog racing, you name it on their soil.  The only gambling you can do here is the Lottery and I shy away from that.

So to sate my addiction I have to travel.  My favorite destination right now is Biloxi Mississippi, it used to be Las Vegas but I now hate flying (TSA).  I love the place and not just for the few remaining casinos (after Katrina) but the weather and the people.  So next week I am making my pilgrimage to the Casinos, to get my fix and stimulate the economy of Mississippi.  If I have any money left to pay the cable bill, I will let you know how I did at the tables.