I am not good at making resolutions, only because I know I will likely never keep them.  However, since I started this blog a few short months ago, and I have been fortunate to have a nice group of people following me, I thought that this year may be the year to actually make some resolutions and who knows, maybe even stick to them.  So I sat with a pencil and doodled a bit and made some notes and came up with this short list of Peter’s resolutions for 2012.  They are listed in no particular order.

  1. I will no longer ask  the foreign sounding person on the telephone trying to sell me something what country he/she is in (they hate this and always hang up).
  2. I will believe my son when he tells me that he has no homework, even if it is seven days straight since his last homework.
  3. I will use all five of my fingers when I wave to fellow drivers on the way to work.
  4. I will quit arguing with the TV weatherman every evening at 6pm and I promise not to question his lineage anymore also.
  5. I will quite my quest to figure out what the hell the producers of LOST were thinking with the show finale, it has given me nothing but a headache.
  6. I will quit being snotty to the people at work when they ask why I wear short sleeves even in the winter time in Georgia (duh).

Well that is a short list, and something I can probably get a grip on.  I have left off the obvious diet and giving up of vices resolutions because, well nobody keeps those. 

Wish me luck!!