I would like to take a minute to talk to the men who venture past my little blog.  I have uncovered a rather hideous Christmas ploy that is in use in some of the retail stores.  I was in one of the fancy department stores today at lunch time, they have a big red Dot in their logo ~winks~ and if you say their name with a French accent it kinda sounds high-end.

Anywayyyyyyyyy I was looking for that last minute stocking stuffer for my wife.  I wandered the store aimlessly for about 30 minutes when I stumbled across the fragrance counter.  Oh surely this is it, I can just pick up a bottle of something that smells sorta good and be done, right?  Well it seemed that things were just going great, why did you know they even have “testers” or big bottles of the product out on display for you to try? Neat huh? 

Well this particular Tar… I mean exotic high-end department store, must have had a theft problem because they had these “tester” bottles all glued down to a shelf.  Simple enough just pump and the fragrance would spray and you could sniff and there you go, right?  Nope, this is the hideous trick guys, beware of this, it may already be too late for you, but I am doing a little public service here.

The testers are about chest high, and back a bit on the shelf, but pointing straight out.  I reached out and being a guy gave the plunger a health push on some fragrance named after a female vocalist who used to be with a group of some sort…. anywayyyyy it appears that the gearing on those pump thingies must be pretty high because I got a chest full of the fragrance.  So what, you say, well the problem was now I am covered in this fragrance and I am in a panic.  What if I go home and she wonders who I have been cuddling up to at lunch time? Oh my, the thoughts raced through my mind as I stood frozen in front of this bottle of Bey…. some kinda singer named fragrance.  The only choice I had was to buy a bottle of the frgrance.  Now, when I get home she will no doubt notice the scent and I will just pull the little bottle from the bag and say “Well I was going to surprise you but since you always guess what I get you for Christmas, Here, you can have it now”. 

There is no limit to what these brazen high-end stores won’t do.  I hope I have saved at least one of you from making an unncessary purchase today.  Merry Christmas.