Being the old-fashioned family that we are, we were sitting around the dinner table enjoying our meal and family conversations.  Our 12-year-old boy was relating about his exhausting day at school and announced that he was learning about Canada in some subject, whatever they call Geography nowadays.  Well, being a Canadian I perked up and put my fork of mashed potatoes down and asked him what he had been taught so far.

“Well Dad, it is just the first day, so we didn’t learn much”

“Oh exactly what did they teach you, who the first Prime Minister was, what the capital city is?”

“No Dad, for today we just learned that it was North of us”

Well, a good start I thought, I am sure 40 minutes in a class to instruct a group of 6th graders on the geographical position of a Country larger than the USA wasn’t too bad.  So I pursued my line of questioning a bit more.

“Did you tell them that you are one half Canadian?”

This comment was greeted by that look that you just want to wipe off the face of a kid, and he responded.

“There is no such thing as a Canadian Dad”

Gripping the edge of the dinner table now, I took a few deep breaths and asked

“Then what are people who live in Canada called?”

“Oh, they are North Americans”

Rising to my feet, my voice a bit louder as my wife glanced over with a smirk.  “Tell your teacher that I am going to come down there with a hockey stick and show him/her what a Canadian is”

The conversation quickly changed to addition and subtraction of fractions, all talk of Canada was suspended and I can only assume it was to allow my blood pressure to return to normal.

Next day, the boy comes home from school, dinner table scene is repeated (I told you we were old-fashioned)

“Well, did you ask the Teacher about Canadians?”

“Oh, yeah, that.  Well you were right I guess they are called Canadians”

“They? Did you not say you were half Canadian?”

“Uhmm no, I didn’t want to sound weird or anything”

I am seriously considering becoming more modern and having the three of us eat meals at separate times.