Well Thanksgiving is over, and here we are marching steadily towards Christmas.  This is the time of year when children get excited as the thought of presents under the tree fill their heads each night as they go off to sleep.  They pass time each night bringing the latest advertisement for toys and electronics to the attention of their parents.  A time when the family becomes closer, and more cohesive as a unit.


This time of year means it is dark at night by time I get home from work.  I leave in the morning it is dark, I pull in the driveway and it is almost dark, depressing, and my nemesis the squirrel is up in his nest, sound asleep.  Yeah I hate winter, I admit it, the thought of temperatures getting anywhere below 40F make me cringe.  Sure I moved south, but not far enough.  I still have to scrape ice off my windshield occasionally and I have worn out 3 credit cards doing it.  I have an ice scraper somewhere but I only see it in the summer when I am cleaning under the seats of the car.  Then I have to worry about the idiots on the roads, sure I know how to drive, the rest of them are the hazard.  I am sure they think that too, but they are wrong.  I hate the long nights of January and February, looking out the back door and seeing the ice on my pool cover, how cruel this time of year is.  Then, gasp, those rare times when it actually snows down here.  Watching from my living room window as the kids frolic in it, making snow angels in the 2 inches that barely covers the grass.  I don’t go out in it, I refuse to, the only ice I want is with my rum and coke.  I did my time, I served a full 36 year sentence in the frozen tundra of Ontario.  Don’t tell me that I am missing out on the fun of playing in the snow, don’t tell me that I must miss the sunlight glimmering off a ten foot high snow drift, oh don’t even bother, I have been there and done that.  So here I sit, killing time until March, when life begins again.  When the golf courses are open and my pool cover comes off.  Until then, leave me in the house, don’t even ask me to come out and play because I don’t want to.

Oh, Merry Christmas all 🙂