I was about to step into the shower this morning and there was no cold water.  I know this is not earth shattering news and hardly worthy of splashing all over the blog, especially since I am not posting a picture of the event.  However, it gave me pause to think as I went to the fuse box, checking the breakers which of course were all fine.  Why, I thought to myself as I rummaged for a flashlight in the “junk drawer”.  (we all have one of those, come on admit it) well I thought why is it that every time you seem to get ahead even just a teensy bit, wham, karma or Hoyle or whatever you call it slaps you right in the back of the head.  Down the basement, flashlight barely working as the batteries are almost dead I see it.  I knew we had one, every house does, but do you ever really get to know your water heater?  I pulled a bunch of stuff out of the way and was soon standing next to it, but now what?  I kicked it twice, and nothing happened.  I fiddled with the wires that run out of the top and nothing happened, I put my hands on both the cold and hot water pipes and they were both cold, and that is when karma crept up behind me and WHAM.  My water heater was dead. 

The first thought that ran through my head was that I hadn’t showered yet, was I going to take a cold shower, something I hadn’t done since my teen years, or what??? Help, panic settled in quickly, running up the stairs to a quiet house, it was after all 5:00 am.  Then it changed from how will I shower to “how much is this going to cost”??  Now that panic was a lot greater than the previous one.  It seemed we had just gotten ahead a little on the bills, even had a bit of a cushion in the bank (we didn’t tell the 12 yo boy that though) and were thinking maybe, just maybe, we could sneak away for a long weekend vacation type thingy until karma, Hoyle, whatever the heck it is reared its ugly head.

The worse part of this is, you don’t replace a water heater very often, in fact this is my first one that has died on me, despite all the various homes, apartments, condos and tents I have lived in.  I have outlived, or outsmarted every water heater until this one.  Who do you call to replace a water heater?  Well, by 5:45 I found out that it was a Plumber I had to call.  So I made the dreaded call, telling them that I wasn’t getting any hot water, and maybe it was a thingie or a whatchamacallit that needed adjusting.  I know this was wishful thinking but I wanted to sound semi-intelligent about the topic.  The last thing I wanted to admit was that the heater had gone on to the other side.

Then, as you women will find fitting, I went to work.  My wife had to sit by the door waiting for the Plumber to appear.  Within 10 minutes he had pronounced the water heater dead, I don’t think he covered it with a sheet but he informed my wife, who thoughtfully called me, that it would be $850 to replace.  My wife is so resourceful though, while she was waiting she went to their website and printed off a $50 coupon, so the grand total was now just $800.  Just happens to be within a few dollars of how much we had gotten ahead in the past few months.  Coincidence? I don’t think so, it is karma, Hoyle, whatever, but it is real, and it sucks.

Off to the shower now.