After my post about Norma, I sat and reflected on the comments that it inspired from my friends on line, and also some that just emailed me their comments without posting them on the blog.  I think I have finally come to a conclusion.  One word that kept coming back to me in thinking about this all was Verbose.  Well, as good writers you all know what that means but let’s look at a dictionary definition just to make sure we are all on the same page.


1 containing more words than necessary : wordy <a verbose reply>; also : impaired by wordiness <a verbose style>

2 given to wordiness <a verbose orator>

I raise my hand now and declare myself GUILTY, or as my favorite definition up there “Impaired” and it never really dawned on me before until I put up the Norma post.  You see, I come by this verboseness (word?) quit honestly.  My work requires that I write engineering proposals, and any of you that know anything about engineers can attest for the fact we love to cloud things with words, dancing around issues as much as possible hoping the reader will just say “Damnit OK, just hire them” that is my task, my lot in life if you will, much like this post, to be wordy.

So how do I stop, I work 10 hour days writing verbosely (word?).  I don’t know if there is a VIA (verbose impaired anonymous) chapter near where I live, so what do I do?  Is there a 12 step program for me, is there hope, or am I truly a lost cause like one of my ex’s so gently put it one day (fuel for another post).

Here is what I plan, to go back to the Norma post, to take that portion of a chapter and de-verbose (word?) it a bit and then I will once again bare my writer’s soul and put it back up again for the less verbose amongst you to critique.

Now I look at this post and think, heck I could have done that with a lot less words, but then again, I am the impaired by wordiness one, so deal with it 🙂