Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a portion of one of the chapters from the as of yet untitled novel I am working on.  Norma is one of my favorite characters and this portion introduces you to her and her boss Mr. Thornton.  I would just like an opinion on the writing style, good/bad/ugly/start over again kind of thing.  I appreciate all the input I get from my Tweeter friends, you are the best.  Now, please meet Norma and Mr. Thornton.           

“Norma, Norma, where the hell are you Norma?” was the piercing sharp command of Mr. Thornton through the intercom. 

Jumping quickly to her feet from her desk at the outer office, smoothing her gray knock-off designer suit down and quickly pushing the wrinkles from the fabric turning to do a quick check in the mirror before moving towards Thornton’s office.  Nobody ever kept Mr. Thornton waiting, it just wasn’t allowed Norma thought as she pushed open the double leather covered doors of his office. She walked quickly into his office her steno pad and pencil in hand. 

The office was to say the least, opulent, probably some would say to the point of being gaudy.  A large bookcase along one wall contained a few random books but also housed some rare pieces of china from the obscure Tang Dynasty that Thornton loved to collect although it was expensive to buy even from the questionable dealers Thornton dealt with. 

The bookcase also held an endless array of artifacts and native art from Trinidad and Tobago and she couldn’t help but think that mix of China and Native Art made for an odd-looking office. 

 “Yes Mr. Thornton” she looked at the figure behind the large rich wood desk; he had just turned 60, his hair long ago turned gray but was always neatly coiffed.  He was obviously a fit man, his shoulders broad and square and Norma guessed he was at almost six feet tall because on those rare occasions when they would stand near each other he towered over her by almost a foot. Thornton’s Gucci Italian suit was impeccable with the silk tie neatly hung around his neck.  Yes Thornton had aged well she thought to herself and he dressed himself to look as successful as he was. 

She had worked for him just a couple of years now and she still didn’t know anything about this man.  He wasn’t married and there were no pictures on his desk, or anywhere in his office, that would indicate an ex-wife children a hobby anything.  Norma had replaced a woman who retired but didn’t get any time to overlap with the woman.  As Norma walked in that first day Sue walked out tossing her keys to some cabinets and the building and wishing her well.  As there was no other secretaries on the floor that occupiedThornton’s office she could not get any information about her mysterious boss.  Initially she admitted that this bothered her since she liked to know things about men, good and bad, secrets, passions, kinks and that was especially true for powerful men like Mr. Thornton. 

Thornton was a pain in the ass to work for though he was always yelling for her through the intercom and on several occasions he was mean and rude to her, questioning her abilities as a Personal Assistant either in private or in front of Clients.  The job with Health Care One paid very well and she didn’t mind having to put up with his terse demeanor, the money was worth it. Inwardly smiling to herself as she thought that the “perks” weren’t bad either.

 Thornton looked up from his desk and barked “the Braddock file, where the hell is it, I had it out here 30 minutes ago, what have you done with it?”  

 Moving to the side of the big desk she looked at the huge piles of files.  After shuffling a few folders she found the missing file and handed it to Mr. Thornton without comment. 

 “Very good, thank you Norma, sit down I have a letter I need you to take”. Thornton was the kind of man you didn’t argue with and she fully understood that.  She wasn’t sure if she liked that confident cocky attitude that bordered on arrogance that he possessed either but she reasoned that some women would probably think it was sexy.  Not Norma, her tastes in men ran a little different from that.