Approaching the 2 mile mark on the dread mill tonight, wondering how I had managed to get to the state where I needed to exercise much like a hamster.  Yes a bit older than my fit 20’s and 30’s and decidedly more inactive than then.  Meals, well yes, I do like them a bit more now then I did when they were just an annoyance in my youth.  So I guess it is true, we are the sum of all our actions and things we have done through our lives to bring us to the point we are at.  Well I can understand that, I don’t want to take all the blame for it, I would much rather place some of the blame squarely where it belongs.  With Food.

Food you say, why on earth would it be the fault of some inanimate object that has no say in anything that happens to it.  Well its quite simple, why does it have to taste so damn good?  Why does a heaping pile of butter covered mashed potatoes taste so good?  Am I wrong, how about fried chicken, you know the kind that oozes the grease out of the coating as you tear away at it with your teeth, your chin glistening as you savor the sinful taste.  And let’s not forget deserts, how about those muffins, big fat muffins with the batter overflowing that little paper cup to form a huge mouthful of heaven.  Why doesn’t food that is good for you taste like that?  See this is where it is food fault.  If bean sprouts were to taste like french fries hot out of the deep fryer then I would be consuming them non stop.  If cauliflower were to taste like a baked potato soaked in real butter and sour cream, then I would be eating a whole lot more cauliflower.  And just think if those health bars were to taste like a banana creme pie, you see where I’m at, I know you do.  Just think how thin we would all be if it just wasn’t for the darn food not tasting the way it should.

It is just not fair.