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Author: Sharon M. Draper

ISBN: 978-1-4163-7171

This book is about a girl that has a lot of thought. But there is only 1 little problem, she cant tell the people around her anything. Melody is an 11 year old girl that cant express her true self. People think that’s she dumb or in this case stupid. Girls pic on her, but she wants to prove that she has the same mind as the “normal kids.”  The book takes you through her struggles to communicate.  At first the book made me sad, but as I read more I understood Melody and really like her.

 Will Melody ever get to express her true self, or will words swallow her into her own lil world? Find out in Out of My Mind!!!

 Thank you all out there and I hope u like this book as much as I do!!  I give this books four and a half footballs!