Well, they say that you should do things as a family, right?  My son was looking over my shoulder the other night and said “I could do that” so being the adult, I challenged him :).  Now he wants to try his hand at book reviews, he figures if his old man can do it, then heck it should be easy.  He is 12 and loves to read, I know an odd child, and I want to encourage this odd behavior in a 12 year old as long as it will last.  So he has read a lot of books, he has a book case in his room, I know odd child, but what I would really like is some of your books for him to review.  He is very old for his age and likes teen stuff and would probably look at something a little preteen too.  So if you are working on some killer kids stuff out there and want the opinion of a 12 year old, then feel free to send him something care of my email.  He will have his own page somewhere in here, shouldn’t be too hard to find, and I will let him post in his own words, except I will take all the hurtfull words out :).