Wow, I bet you didn’t get past the title did you?  Well if you did perhaps you can help me out with something.  In order to be a “noticed” author nowadays does one have to have a whole series of books about the same cast of characters.  I know that the Harry Potter series is wildly successful but is that the norm now?  Is it possible to just publish a single, fiction novel and not have to worry about how I am going to bring the main character(s) back and do a sequel?

I blame this on Jaws, the movie not the book.  It was from about that time on that we had sequels, and correct me if I am wrong but there really has never been a sequel that was as good as the first movie, right?  Well you might find one or two that were but overall I think I am right, I mean Walking Tall 2.  The guy lost his family in the first movie, beat the stuffing out of ALL the bad guys, and restored order in the first movie, what else could he accomplish?

So there is my dilemna, should I just scrap what I am doing and start fresh, and think of how to keep the characters moving from one book, to another book, to another and on and on or stay the course and just go with a single, excellent, story?