Assuming that reincarnation is real, some think it is some don’t, what would you want to “come back” as?  Right of the bat let us assume that you cannot come back as another person, like a zillionaire or something like that because that would defeat the whole purpose of this post.  So, now we have eliminated Homo sapiens from the “come back” as list what would you pick?

I know this is a strange thing to ask, but when I was out last night being dragged around the neighborhood (see my post DOGS) I was struck by the simplicity of the life of animals.  Not just the dogs, but the other critters we encounter on our walks.  This time of year the squirrels are busy running hither and yon storing up for the winter.  My Rat Terrier thinks they are rats so he actually pauses from dragging me to look at them in that “If I weren’t on this leash I would rip you apart” pose.  The Beagle on the other hand is more interested in the birds. 

So we have this dynamic at work where the dogs and I are fascinated by other creatures, although not for the same reasons.  I then thought what a lovely life, flying around and at will crapping on cars.  Yes a bird’s life would be grand.  Then, seeing the squirrel run across the yard and up the tree, how cool would it be to have that skill.  Or the dogs themselves, wow, just lounge about the house and get fed.  Provided you don’t make a mess and don’t tear up anything valuable you pretty much have it made.  Yes all these things went through my mind on my nightly drag yesterday.

Then it was over, the dogs unleashed and back in the house, and me resting.  Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the orange tabby cat we call Morris (original huh).  He was sprawled out on the cool tile floor of the kitchen, his eyes barely open as he checked to make sure the dogs were the same ones that left, not wanting strangers in his house.  Oh he looked at me too, but he knew it was me by the deep gasps for air after the walk.  Then, it struck me, a Cat, yes, that is what I want to come back as, a cat.

Yes, I know what you are saying, “you have railed on cats for post after post and now you want to be one?” and all I can say is not only Yes but a resounding You Betcha.  Our cats haven’t done anything, I mean ZERO in the past 11 or so years.  I dont’ know what they did for the first 2 years of their lives, but I know the past 11 it has been sedentary life for them.  They get fed, they have a nice bed (mine) to sleep in, they get attention when they want it, they have windows to look out of.  All the little buggers have to do is make sure they crap in a box about 1 foot by 2 foot in size, hey, I can do that I thought.

So, I am preparing for the time, the time when my life on earth as a mere human will be over and I can finally realize my dreams of being a cat.  I can’t wait, and I am sure I will report back to you about that life from the hereafter. 

Oh wait, that neutering thing, gosh maybe I better reconsider.