Author:  Annie Frame

Vanguard Press     ISBN 978 184386 4189

Imprint is available at Amazon/Pegasus and most book stores world wide


My anxiously awaited copy of Imprint arrived finally the other day.  Wanting to make sure I could give the book a good read I waited until late one evening.  Sitting on my sofa I started, thinking I would read a bit then finish it the next day.  I read it through in one sitting, unable to put the book down, following Hercular Rose from one riveting chapter to the next.

Imprint is, for me at least, a totally different and refreshing look at the after life.  I had the usual thoughts and ideas but none come close to what this book will take you through.  From the opening Chapter I was spellbound.  The descriptive writing style, combined with the ability of the Author to express her thoughts had me turning page after page until I was finished.

The journey from one character to another was seamless, understandable and well thought out.  The final chapter was a twist that I had not expected but upon reflection it makes perfect sense to me.

I highly recommend Imprint to anyone interested in the hereafter, or in just reading a very, very good book.