We have all done it, admit it, you have Googled your name, in all it’s variations to find out what information is out there about you.  Am  I right? I knew it.  Well I am no different and one night I decided to Google myself, not in the sexual way but in the search engine way.  Well since that day I have been depressed, I find out that there are several people who have my name that are much more important than I am, so they tend to show up earlier on in the search process then I do, by about 32,300,451.  Oh I’m not complaining, I mean there is a famous author born in 1973, I have shoes that old.  Then there is the recently departed TV Actor by the same name, he appeared in hundreds of episodes of various TV shows and each and every one of them has a load of pages that show up in the search, before me.  Then, just when I thought I had pretty much seen it all there is a super famous meteorologist with the same name as me, well his middle initial is different, but that didn’t stop him from showing up on Google several million times, all ahead of me.

Ok, I know, we all have names that are not unique, even if we think they are.  The problem is in the publicizing of our names for hopeful fame and fortune as Authors.  Obviously we want to show up in search engines, hopefully in the top 30 or 40 pages, unlike my 32,300,452nd position.  So I guess that brings me to the point of this post, I know, finally.  When you create a “pen name” do you do it to keep the crazies away from yourself in real life? Or do you do it to get a higher ranking on Google et al?  I am thinking of a few, of course my wife had a couple that I couldn’t use, and even still they didn’t do much better in Google, so I wasn’t worried.

I know a lot of you out there use pen names, tell me how you decided on what you did, what was the motivation and why did you select the name you did.  I am wanting to publish my second work, my first Fiction Novel, later this year and need to come up with a much better name for myself.