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Hello and welcome to #2 in my Interview Series.  I wasn’t sure how to top the Zencherry interview but I think I may have found the perfect victim for an attempt at knocking Zencherry off the most viewed post list here on my blog.  Today I am extremely happy to introduce you to Dionne Lister or @DionneLister on Twitter.

I met Dionne a while back in Twitter when she made a sweet comment on one of my blog entries.  Like I do with everyone who I meet on line I immediately went to the site that Dionne had set up and took a look around.  I found a very, very talented writer who I just couldn’t wait for the rest of you to meet.  She will tell you that it was at my insistence that she did her first blog post but I think it was just a matter of time before she dipped into the blog writing pool anyway.

Dionne is from Australia and well heck, I’m not going to give all that away now, read on and you will see her answers for yourself.  For some really interesting reading check our Dionne’s blog at

Ok Dionne, here we go, I notice you have a blog on how long have you been blogging? 

About 3 or 4 weeks, because this really nice guy on twitter, who shall remain nameless, ok it was Peter Hobbs, told me I should, so I did and I like it.

*Editors note* I did not know Dionne was going to say that.

I see you write for a friend’s website, how often do you get to do that?

Every week for 4 hours and I actually get paid (can you believe it?).  My very talented friend, who runs a web design business, created it, it’s her baby and it’s called  It’s for the average person who wants to do their bit for the environment but isn’t fanatical.

You are working on a new novel, can you give us the premise without giving away the story?

I wrote a fantasy adventure about 7 years ago and I’m up to the 4th edit.  My new one (which I’ve only done 3 pages, how embarrassing) is about an Australian girl who has to travel to London when she finds out her estranged uncle has left her an inheritance, but there’s a catch.  She has to share his country estate with three other beneficiaries for one year, and if anyone leaves no one inherits.  Of course they have a hard time getting along and everyone has their own issues to deal with so it should be interesting (for me anyway).  My new, new one, which is still an idea is top secret so I can’t say anything.

How often do you work on your novel in a typical week?

Between 5 and 10 hours, it just depends on what else I have on.

Do you have any published work yet?

Not really.  I have entered a few competitions and have won for a short story and a flash fiction which were up on their site for two months and I’ve recently been runner up for an autumn themed comp for Five Stop Story which will be put on their website and iPhone app, it’s called Breathe in Autumn and it’s suspense.

When do you anticipate being published?

That depends.  I’ve only just started the uphill battle to get an agent for my finished novel and I’m awaiting my first rejection (this time round).  I figure I’ll let it go to twenty then I’ll do it myself 🙂

You live in Sydney, Australia, is that where you were born?

Yes, Sydney born and raised.  I’ve left the country a couple of times and went to see the squirrels in London – love those squirrels.

What on earth is a Sydney-Sider? 

A person who resides in Sydney, I’ve never actually thought about it before.  Don’t they have that anywhere else?  A London-sider, a New York-sider, I guess not, good question Mr. Hobbs.  Everyone else has ‘er’ as in Londoner, New Yorker but we would be Sydneyer, it would sound like you’re more Sydney than someone else, kind of silly.

Big question for me, are you a middle child, only child, one of a huge brood?

Eldest of two.

What is your best memory of childhood? 

Going to my grandparents and feeling like everyone loved me and I was special, but they’re all gone now and I miss that.

Are you still friends with anyone from that time in your life?

Does my sister count?  I’m friends with a girl from school who gets home from Dubai in a few days, she’s finally given up flying for Emirates and living in Dubai.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you change about your life, if anything?

I would ditch the work I have to do (although I still like it because it’s writing), for the work I love doing (how could I stop writing fiction?), I would have time to get fit and travel, maybe visit some of the great people I’ve met in the twitterverse.

Married? Single?

Married to the man I started living with when I was 19, wow time flies.

If any, tell us about your children.

2 boys aged 3 and 5, who almost didn’t exist because I never wanted kids, but life is like that and I’m very happy they insisted on being here.

When you get home at night, what is the typical routine?

Fend off hungry, thirsty children, cook dinner, run their bath, then write/study/work/tweet until bed.  Occasionally I’ll watch TV, I loooove English property shows aka Location, Location, Location and Relocation, Relocation, Relocation, Kristy and Phil have such great chemistry.

On your profile on Twitter there are some sketches, yours?

Yes, I did those.  I’ve been drawing/painting on and off for about 14 years, it’s just a hobby but it’s like writing, you get into it and the time flies and I find it very fulfilling. 

Any thoughts of putting them on display somewhere, or publishing them?

No, I haven’t thought of showing them anywhere, they’re not that good compared to a proper artist, but I mentioned to Maureen @zencherry, that I was off to art class and of course, being the encouraging person she is, asked me to post some of my pictures.  She faithfully re-tweets them to her people. 

Do you take classes for the drawing, or just work on it at home?

I probably don’t have time but I go to art class with a friend every Tuesday night.

Who was the most important person in your life?

When I was young it was my parents, then my husband and now it’s those two little interlopers.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Invisibility.  I would love to make some of me invisible so I could appear slim without having to diet, and then go totally invisible to sneak up to people and whisper my book title in their ear and say “buy Dionne’s book, buy Dionne’s book, it’s bloody fantastic.  She is an awesome author.”

Now for my favorite part, one or two word answers Dionne, ready, set, go….

Favorite color? Red/blue

Lucky Number? 4, but it’s not very lucky (yes I know, I can count)

Favorite Season? Autumn

Regular or Decaf? Regular

Favorite Day of the Week? Friday

How many Pairs of Shoes do you own?15

4 door sedan or sports car? 5 door

Favorite food? Everything but marzipan

Most Money you have spent on a single Book? $80

Fast dance or Slow Dance? Slow

Wow Dionne, those were some great answers.  I really hope you find a publisher for that work or heck just go out and do it yourself, those of us out here need to read the type of work that you produce.  Again I will tell all of my readers they should run, not walk, to your blog to get a taste of some great writing

Thanks Dionne, you have been a sport and a treat to interview.


I was about to step into the shower this morning and there was no cold water.  I know this is not earth shattering news and hardly worthy of splashing all over the blog, especially since I am not posting a picture of the event.  However, it gave me pause to think as I went to the fuse box, checking the breakers which of course were all fine.  Why, I thought to myself as I rummaged for a flashlight in the “junk drawer”.  (we all have one of those, come on admit it) well I thought why is it that every time you seem to get ahead even just a teensy bit, wham, karma or Hoyle or whatever you call it slaps you right in the back of the head.  Down the basement, flashlight barely working as the batteries are almost dead I see it.  I knew we had one, every house does, but do you ever really get to know your water heater?  I pulled a bunch of stuff out of the way and was soon standing next to it, but now what?  I kicked it twice, and nothing happened.  I fiddled with the wires that run out of the top and nothing happened, I put my hands on both the cold and hot water pipes and they were both cold, and that is when karma crept up behind me and WHAM.  My water heater was dead. 

The first thought that ran through my head was that I hadn’t showered yet, was I going to take a cold shower, something I hadn’t done since my teen years, or what??? Help, panic settled in quickly, running up the stairs to a quiet house, it was after all 5:00 am.  Then it changed from how will I shower to “how much is this going to cost”??  Now that panic was a lot greater than the previous one.  It seemed we had just gotten ahead a little on the bills, even had a bit of a cushion in the bank (we didn’t tell the 12 yo boy that though) and were thinking maybe, just maybe, we could sneak away for a long weekend vacation type thingy until karma, Hoyle, whatever the heck it is reared its ugly head.

The worse part of this is, you don’t replace a water heater very often, in fact this is my first one that has died on me, despite all the various homes, apartments, condos and tents I have lived in.  I have outlived, or outsmarted every water heater until this one.  Who do you call to replace a water heater?  Well, by 5:45 I found out that it was a Plumber I had to call.  So I made the dreaded call, telling them that I wasn’t getting any hot water, and maybe it was a thingie or a whatchamacallit that needed adjusting.  I know this was wishful thinking but I wanted to sound semi-intelligent about the topic.  The last thing I wanted to admit was that the heater had gone on to the other side.

Then, as you women will find fitting, I went to work.  My wife had to sit by the door waiting for the Plumber to appear.  Within 10 minutes he had pronounced the water heater dead, I don’t think he covered it with a sheet but he informed my wife, who thoughtfully called me, that it would be $850 to replace.  My wife is so resourceful though, while she was waiting she went to their website and printed off a $50 coupon, so the grand total was now just $800.  Just happens to be within a few dollars of how much we had gotten ahead in the past few months.  Coincidence? I don’t think so, it is karma, Hoyle, whatever, but it is real, and it sucks.

Off to the shower now.

Impaired by Wordiness

After my post about Norma, I sat and reflected on the comments that it inspired from my friends on line, and also some that just emailed me their comments without posting them on the blog.  I think I have finally come to a conclusion.  One word that kept coming back to me in thinking about this all was Verbose.  Well, as good writers you all know what that means but let’s look at a dictionary definition just to make sure we are all on the same page.


1 containing more words than necessary : wordy <a verbose reply>; also : impaired by wordiness <a verbose style>

2 given to wordiness <a verbose orator>

I raise my hand now and declare myself GUILTY, or as my favorite definition up there “Impaired” and it never really dawned on me before until I put up the Norma post.  You see, I come by this verboseness (word?) quit honestly.  My work requires that I write engineering proposals, and any of you that know anything about engineers can attest for the fact we love to cloud things with words, dancing around issues as much as possible hoping the reader will just say “Damnit OK, just hire them” that is my task, my lot in life if you will, much like this post, to be wordy.

So how do I stop, I work 10 hour days writing verbosely (word?).  I don’t know if there is a VIA (verbose impaired anonymous) chapter near where I live, so what do I do?  Is there a 12 step program for me, is there hope, or am I truly a lost cause like one of my ex’s so gently put it one day (fuel for another post).

Here is what I plan, to go back to the Norma post, to take that portion of a chapter and de-verbose (word?) it a bit and then I will once again bare my writer’s soul and put it back up again for the less verbose amongst you to critique.

Now I look at this post and think, heck I could have done that with a lot less words, but then again, I am the impaired by wordiness one, so deal with it 🙂


I am so excited about this new feature on my Blog and I hope to keep up the interviews so if you are brave enough just let me know.  I found it only fitting that the first Author Interview I did was with Maureen Hovermale aka @Zencherry on Twitter and at Word Press.  Maureen was the very first person to post a comment on my Blog and has been a great supporter of my posts every since.  As if that isn’t enough, she was one of the first to welcome me to Twitter when I first ventured into that Social Media.

 Maureen has been great and is super supportive of the Indie writers on line.  If you haven’t done so already I would encourage you to check out her blog at and be prepared to be entertained.  Now, without much further to-do I would like to introduce you to Maureen.

 The first question I have Maureen is how you came up with the nickname Zencherry?

I used to get angry a lot. I never quite fit in anywhere and wore my heart on a sleeve. You know common angst and dark poetry sort of stuff. One day I realized that trying to please everyone else and ignoring me just wasn’t going to work and was the crux of my issues. I turned to trying to be ‘Zen’ to center myself. Nothing guru-like or anything, just a realization that the things that were making me angry were really quite funny if you looked at it from a different angle. Almost thirty years later and I’m still a cherry at it though the humor has rounded off most of the harder edges.

So then, how long have you been blogging?

On and off for about ten years. The first nine years were pretty awful and full of animated gifs that made me giggle. We won’t even get into my goo-goo eyes at balls of fluff and the hundreds of posts and pics I put up about my dogs and cats.

Your blog mentions some co-authoring and editing work, how did you get involved with the National Literary Trust?

Purely by chance. I was reading the news online and came across a small article about a start-up site called Libboo created for writers. It was all about their goal to crowd-source a novel and their attempts to bring the publishing machinery to an Indie level. They invited writers, editors, promoters, ad nauseam, to one spot to coexist and hopefully learn how to work and network with each other. The proceeds of the sale of the novel were dog-eared to go to The National Literacy Trust, which is a charity I fully endorse. (I’m sure the wonderful people at The National Literacy Trust don’t have a clue as to who I am, perhaps I should reword my about page so there’s no misconceptions. Hmm.) I scouted out Libboo, talked to Richard Hawthorn and Chris Howard the co-creators there, and decided to compete in a contest based on a first chapter by Richard Wiseman. I won the first round with some fellows on there and went on to the next round. The second part was tougher, but my team prevailed though we nagged, begged, and pleaded for the votes, I’ll admit.

I am not the first to ask this one, and as others have inquired of you on your blog, when can we expect to see your debut Novel?

I started working on Rogue The Aleiva Trilogy; I think it was in April of this year. I put it down to do the Paradox project in June and had twenty chapters done at the time. October first was the date that my team won, and I’ve yet to get back to it, to any significant degree, with NaNoWriMo coming up November first. Hopefully around the time December comes around, I can roll up my sleeves and get Aleiva back on track and finished. I do have two sample chapters up on Libboo that you can read for free. (Mind you, they’re first drafts.) I’d say a tentative date for going into final editing would be March or April for the first novel of the three.

How often do you work on your novel in a typical week?

I wrote almost every day on Rogue until this Paradox project came up. I’ve taken off October, but that’s just a get-my-head-out-of-the-characters-in-Paradox sort of thing. Paradox was eight hours a day, seven days a week with a two-week lay off waiting on some pages and painting my deck. That was a rough schedule and I think I’ll cut down a bit for the future. Who am I kidding? Writing is pretty addictive stuff so I’ll probably be right back into the eight to ten hour days pretty soon.

Are your characters/settings based on real life experiences, a version of people you have met or purely fictional?

On the blog, that’s all real. In my book, purely fictional with a little bit of everyone thrown in there. The people that die though, those are usually the ones that cut in front of me in traffic with helpful middle fingers extended.

What genre do you work in, or are most comfortable in?

Paradox was a murder mystery and I was really uncomfortable doing that since I would completely blow chunks at being a bad guy or thinking scientifically. I’m more at ease doing fantasy as that’s my favorite genre to read. I’d love to do sci-fi, but that’s for the brainiacs.

Your reviews on your blog are very good, how long does it take you to write one, typically?

Thank you! I try very hard on those since I understand that each book is as a baby is to its parents. I start writing them in my head, as I read, and it takes about fifteen minutes once I finish the book.

I know first-hand you are an avid blogger and supporter of indie authors, do you find it easier to write the short posts (which are hilarious) rather than dedicate time to the novel?  

Thank you! The blogs are a lot of fun to write and usually take about ten minutes of writing and a half an hour of editing, so yes, they’re a lot easier for certain. The novel though, that’s my baby and I worry and pick at it until I’m cross-eyed. It’s hard to get into the right zone for the novel; to switch gears, so to speak. It’s only because I have so many people that I love and I try to divvy up time to each of them. The time is coming very soon though that everyone recognizes as writing time. I throw my ear buds in, turn on some tunes and focus on that and that alone, for days sometimes. When this happens, I do occasionally remember to throw cans of Chef Boyardee and loaves of bread towards the family so they won’t starve.

Ok, now let’s get to know Maureen a little better.

(Bites nails and shuffles feet…uh oh.)

Were you born and raised in Kentucky?

No, I’m actually a Yankee by birth, but my dad was a traveling salesman so I’ve been a lot of places.

Oh, then where were you born?

Ohio. Yep, I’m a buckeye by birth, (though I didn’t grow up there), and my southern family has never let me forget it. 😉

Big question for me, are you a middle child, only child, one of a huge brood?

I’m the youngest of three though I was the accidental oops and significantly younger than my siblings. Naturally I was the best behaved. (Looks for lightning to strike)

Normal old boring childhood or were you on a merchant marine ship growing up?

Ha-ha! I’m not sure it was entirely normal, but whose is? It was a little skewed since I was raised Mormon and quit when I ran off with my husband to get married at age seventeen. Quite the rebel in those days, or at least I thought so. Home life was good as far as super religious suburbia goes, but I found it chafed and I always felt guilty for the silliest things.

Favorite Sport and Team?

St. Louis Rams football. We’ve stuck by them in the good and the bad. I am an avid swimmer when the pool isn’t green though. I’ve always wondered about cricket and rugby, to tell the truth. Those look pretty cool.

Dream Vacation?

I’d like to go back to Germany to see the old haunts. My husband was stationed there years ago and the people and places were just wonderful.

Where do you want to retire? and of course why?

You mean we get to retire? Woo-hoo! If we do, (and we’re both workaholics so I don’t see that coming really), it’d probably be akin to something the Gypsy Nesters are doing. Traveling and going everywhere to meet new people and to see new things.

Your husband, you call him Khan; I know he must be a huge supporter of yours; does he give you input for your blog?

Sometimes I’ll be pulling my hair trying to word something just so and he’ll have it spot on and in a blink of an eye. He’s the funny one of the family, truth be told.

Now some word association, one or two word answers please:

How many children? Three.

Boys or Girls? One girl, two boys.

Favorite color? Green.

Favorite pet? Dogs.

Favorite room of your house? Wherever Khan is.

Favorite food? Alfredo noodles.

Fast dance or Slow Dance? Both.

Boxers/Briefs (couldn’t resist a Democrat question) Me or him? 😉

Best book you ever read? Wow. Hard…there’s so many!

How many books a year do you read? 100 +

Favorite Music/Artist? Heart.

Favorite TV Show Currently, Strike Back.

Movie that makes you cry? Me, cry? Never. 😉

Movie that you watch every year or more often? Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and It’s a Wonderful Life and…oh heck…the editor in me just flew her hands up and smacked me. Sorry Peter, I tried. I really did.

Well you wouldn’t be a writer if you didn’t snap on those one/two word answers.  Thank you so much for your time Maureen and I will continue to make my daily pilgrimage to your blog to see what funny or thought provoking posts you have.

Norma, One of My Characters

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a portion of one of the chapters from the as of yet untitled novel I am working on.  Norma is one of my favorite characters and this portion introduces you to her and her boss Mr. Thornton.  I would just like an opinion on the writing style, good/bad/ugly/start over again kind of thing.  I appreciate all the input I get from my Tweeter friends, you are the best.  Now, please meet Norma and Mr. Thornton.           

“Norma, Norma, where the hell are you Norma?” was the piercing sharp command of Mr. Thornton through the intercom. 

Jumping quickly to her feet from her desk at the outer office, smoothing her gray knock-off designer suit down and quickly pushing the wrinkles from the fabric turning to do a quick check in the mirror before moving towards Thornton’s office.  Nobody ever kept Mr. Thornton waiting, it just wasn’t allowed Norma thought as she pushed open the double leather covered doors of his office. She walked quickly into his office her steno pad and pencil in hand. 

The office was to say the least, opulent, probably some would say to the point of being gaudy.  A large bookcase along one wall contained a few random books but also housed some rare pieces of china from the obscure Tang Dynasty that Thornton loved to collect although it was expensive to buy even from the questionable dealers Thornton dealt with. 

The bookcase also held an endless array of artifacts and native art from Trinidad and Tobago and she couldn’t help but think that mix of China and Native Art made for an odd-looking office. 

 “Yes Mr. Thornton” she looked at the figure behind the large rich wood desk; he had just turned 60, his hair long ago turned gray but was always neatly coiffed.  He was obviously a fit man, his shoulders broad and square and Norma guessed he was at almost six feet tall because on those rare occasions when they would stand near each other he towered over her by almost a foot. Thornton’s Gucci Italian suit was impeccable with the silk tie neatly hung around his neck.  Yes Thornton had aged well she thought to herself and he dressed himself to look as successful as he was. 

She had worked for him just a couple of years now and she still didn’t know anything about this man.  He wasn’t married and there were no pictures on his desk, or anywhere in his office, that would indicate an ex-wife children a hobby anything.  Norma had replaced a woman who retired but didn’t get any time to overlap with the woman.  As Norma walked in that first day Sue walked out tossing her keys to some cabinets and the building and wishing her well.  As there was no other secretaries on the floor that occupiedThornton’s office she could not get any information about her mysterious boss.  Initially she admitted that this bothered her since she liked to know things about men, good and bad, secrets, passions, kinks and that was especially true for powerful men like Mr. Thornton. 

Thornton was a pain in the ass to work for though he was always yelling for her through the intercom and on several occasions he was mean and rude to her, questioning her abilities as a Personal Assistant either in private or in front of Clients.  The job with Health Care One paid very well and she didn’t mind having to put up with his terse demeanor, the money was worth it. Inwardly smiling to herself as she thought that the “perks” weren’t bad either.

 Thornton looked up from his desk and barked “the Braddock file, where the hell is it, I had it out here 30 minutes ago, what have you done with it?”  

 Moving to the side of the big desk she looked at the huge piles of files.  After shuffling a few folders she found the missing file and handed it to Mr. Thornton without comment. 

 “Very good, thank you Norma, sit down I have a letter I need you to take”. Thornton was the kind of man you didn’t argue with and she fully understood that.  She wasn’t sure if she liked that confident cocky attitude that bordered on arrogance that he possessed either but she reasoned that some women would probably think it was sexy.  Not Norma, her tastes in men ran a little different from that.

Review #2 Getting Into The Zone

         Getting into the Zone book  

ISBN: 9781463586249     90 Pages

Available at


Or The Web Site:

Author(s): Elliot Hagburg and Kathy Hagburg!

Getting Into the Zone is a very good way to gain your full potential. If u think u need help focusing on things outside what u need to think… then this book is a very good choice. Not only does it have places where u can take notes on, but it also has something that in my 10 years of reading I have never seen, a guide to success in not just ur life, but also helps you improve the environment with the people u love most.

Need a guide? Need help? Then read Getting Into The Zone.

I give it a rating of 4 footballs.

Special thanks to Mr. Elliot, and Ms.Kathy pls keep writing!!!!!

Just Not Fair

Approaching the 2 mile mark on the dread mill tonight, wondering how I had managed to get to the state where I needed to exercise much like a hamster.  Yes a bit older than my fit 20’s and 30’s and decidedly more inactive than then.  Meals, well yes, I do like them a bit more now then I did when they were just an annoyance in my youth.  So I guess it is true, we are the sum of all our actions and things we have done through our lives to bring us to the point we are at.  Well I can understand that, I don’t want to take all the blame for it, I would much rather place some of the blame squarely where it belongs.  With Food.

Food you say, why on earth would it be the fault of some inanimate object that has no say in anything that happens to it.  Well its quite simple, why does it have to taste so damn good?  Why does a heaping pile of butter covered mashed potatoes taste so good?  Am I wrong, how about fried chicken, you know the kind that oozes the grease out of the coating as you tear away at it with your teeth, your chin glistening as you savor the sinful taste.  And let’s not forget deserts, how about those muffins, big fat muffins with the batter overflowing that little paper cup to form a huge mouthful of heaven.  Why doesn’t food that is good for you taste like that?  See this is where it is food fault.  If bean sprouts were to taste like french fries hot out of the deep fryer then I would be consuming them non stop.  If cauliflower were to taste like a baked potato soaked in real butter and sour cream, then I would be eating a whole lot more cauliflower.  And just think if those health bars were to taste like a banana creme pie, you see where I’m at, I know you do.  Just think how thin we would all be if it just wasn’t for the darn food not tasting the way it should.

It is just not fair.

When Did it Happen?

Just came in from playing catch football with the boy.  He is taking a break from reading, yes, I know.  I was tossing the ball and he wanted me to throw it short, or wide, so he could dive for it.  Sure we were playing on the grass of the front yard, but still it occurred to me, when did I start worrying about hurting myself when doing things?  He is just a free spirit running and diving on the grass, or running wide open at the basketball net and not worrying if he bangs into the upright, me on the other hand very cautious, very deliberate in my movements.

I felt this needed further thought and I reflected back on my life.  When I was a young boy in Canada I played ice hockey, not much padding, no gloves, and definitely no helmet.  Did I worry about getting hurt, no.  Then it was tobogganing in the winter down very steep snowy hills with brick buildings at the bottom, again no fear.  Now we move into my early work years, definitely not worried about hurting myself.  At 30 I decided to take up auto racing, roaring around the local tracks on Saturday night, fearless maybe a little, but I was becoming more cautious.  Then it was more travelling, working where we had to take a helicopter to work everyday, hooking up cargo nets under a hovering helicopter, still no real fear.

Then it dawned on me, the fear started when the child was born, or more likely when the wife was pregnant with the child.  Things changed, I was concerned about a future, about being around for him, I slowed down driving, I wore a seat belt (gasp) and even slowed when the light turned yellow.  My goodness, it was true, I hadn’t done a dangerous, or should I say carefree, thing since the boy was born.  Now I am watching him,  yes it is early but he is starting along the path.  Is it a path all boys take to manhood?  Is it also something that happens in girls, though I doubt it.  Is it a rite of passage, maybe, but now I know why my parents would sit and shake their heads when I appeared at the dinner table skinned knees, bruised elbows or some other self-inflicted damage to my still young body.

Peter’s Note:  I did not edit the body of this review, but I did add the legal stuff at the front such as book ID number etc. 


Author: Sharon M. Draper

ISBN: 978-1-4163-7171

This book is about a girl that has a lot of thought. But there is only 1 little problem, she cant tell the people around her anything. Melody is an 11 year old girl that cant express her true self. People think that’s she dumb or in this case stupid. Girls pic on her, but she wants to prove that she has the same mind as the “normal kids.”  The book takes you through her struggles to communicate.  At first the book made me sad, but as I read more I understood Melody and really like her.

 Will Melody ever get to express her true self, or will words swallow her into her own lil world? Find out in Out of My Mind!!!

 Thank you all out there and I hope u like this book as much as I do!!  I give this books four and a half footballs!


Just wanted to thank everyone that has been so supportive of Tyler and his embarking on book reviewing.  He asked if he could have his own blog but I said no, something about parental control I think is what I said.  In reality I just didn’t want him having a more successful blog than his father LOL.  Anyway, he is excited, one of you great tweeters/writers has already said they would send a book and he is chomping at the bit to get started.  Once again thanks for supporting him, he is psyched up.