Ok, time for my next confession.  I am a Canadian living in the United Sates, no, please, don’t look at me that way, you have to understand that I had the best reason of all to leave the Great White North and travel to the warmer climes of Dixie.  Oh no, not the weather, I can see you just nodding and smirking.  Nope, not that at all.  Avoid Socialism? It appears I have not done a good job of that either.  Oh, the cost of living? No, nowadays it is almost the same, and I did give up Canadian Bacon and Labatts Beer and let us not forget the almighty Tim Horton’s.  So why on earth did you leave Peter? Oh if I only had a nickel for every time I have heard that.

Simple, I was tired of all the extra typing I had to do just to form a sentence.  I mean just look at this “The colour of the peach was an indication of the flavour” Yes, that is in Canadian, well their version of English I guess.  I finally snapped one day when I had to write out a recipe for someone.  So many extra u‘s I was afraid I would be arrested for u abuse.  So I bolted, I moved across the border into the sanity of a u abuse free United Sates.  Oh wait they have u‘s too, but not to the extent that their neighbou…oops neighbor to the north does, not at all.

So I did it, I moved and I now write in abbreviated Canadian or as some call it down here English, but we know it really isn’t the Queen’s English yet I don’t correct them.  Now I consider myself bilingual, I speak and write English and American.