Wow, I am faced with a conundrum.  Is that the word?  I thought I had the opening chapter to my book (#2) all set, then I was reading it the other night and thought that the opening chapter was lacking something.  I stood away from the screen for a moment, looked at it from a few different angles but that didn’t change anything.  So I tried to read it from the perspective of a reader and not the author (that is a radical thought isn’t it?)  What did I see, well I saw that the opening I had didn’t grab them enough, didn’t draw them into that page turning frenzy that every Author is shooting for, instead, it was good, but not riveting. 

So why am I wasting your time with this?  Well I wanted a few opinions on whether I have over-reacted and should have left my “good” opening Chapter as is or instead should I have come up with the “riveting page turner” first Chapter?  What is it that makes you want to keep reading a story, to crave more of the Author’s words?  I know what does it for me, but my opinion doesn’t count, I am just the Author.