I am thinking of doing book reviews, but there is going to be a catch of course.  I was thinking that if I review your book, you then get to review mine and make the appropriate comments on either my blog here, or on Kindle for me.  I in turn would be happy to post my review of your book at the location of your choosing.  That way you can’t say “why his blog, he has so few followers”

Yes, not very original I know, but I have seen a lot of blogs that offer reviews of books and expect nothing in return.  What ever happened to “tit for tat” gosh why should someone get a review and not have to do anything but supply the book?  I always thought writers had to suffer in their art, oh wait, maybe that was 18th century classical music composers, I get them confused sometimes.

So what do you think, anyone up for a little even trade in the Book Review area.