That was me, moaning to my wife as she announced that our son had a project due in school.  I thought about the days when I had projects and how my parents were mysteriously absent when these projects were due.  Oh but back then a book report was a book report, remember?  Now, shudder, a book report has to be a work of art, a cereal box cut open and made to look like a tiny stage from some 1800’s Saloon.  Then you have to do cut outs, and create a scene in this cereal box world that looks like something from the book that is being reported on. 

Really? Yes, that is a book report nowadays.  I was just wondering if we could apply that to book reviews that we do here in our Blogs?  So, I have to end this little tirade because it is time to get artistic.  I only hope that my book report/artistic creation gets a higher mark than my wife got for her Geography project.  She only got a B, surely I can beat that.  Oh, the son? He is playing Wii right now, I think he might come and help me near the end.