Well I wanted to do something for my son,  you know “what did you do when you were young Dad” and something to leave for generations yet to come.  Well I couldn’t really tell them about my personal life because, well, that is personal isn’t it? Why else would you call it personal life after all.  So, the dilemma was there, what to do.  At work one day my boss lovingly referred to me as “the white guy that can write” so instead of taking offense, I took action.  I began to write, for my son and all future descendants, my work autobiography.  I found it very therapeutic to write this, and it kind of flowed off my fingertips and onto the screen.  I finished it and smugly read and re-read it, self editing as I went along.  I proudly showed it to my wife and several friends (some of whom are mentioned in the story) and received the normal platitudes one would expect from family and friends.

Feeling a bit full of myself I decided to put the story up on Kindle, what the heck if my family liked it, surely the general public would love it, right?  Well, believe it or not it has sold some copies, perhaps to unsuspecting people looking for some cheap porn as the title lends itself to that, or maybe some who are the type who gather at auto accidents or train wrecks, tittering to themselves about how unfortunate the victims were.

I will let you decide, if you want to purchase the book it is at  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005G8B8F2.  If you are wanting to get your own book reviewed, I would be happy to do that in exchange for a review of mine.  Free for free of course.

So there we have it, I have made my first blog confession, and I feel a little better for it.  Now back to book #2.